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Emily Paige Wilson is the author of the chapbook I’ll Build Us a Home (Finishing Line Press, 2018). Her poetry has been nominated for Best New Poets, Best of the Net, and the Pushcart Prize. Her work can be found in The Adroit JournalHayden’s Ferry ReviewPANK, and Thrush, among others. She lives in Wilmington, NC, where she received her MFA from UNCW.

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awards & recognition


Best of the Net | Nominatiov via Longleaf Review | 2018

Frontier’s Exceptional Poetry from Around the Web Jan ’18 | Inclusion | 2018
Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize | Persea Press | Semi-finalist | 2018
Glass Poetry’s 2017 Recommended Reading List | Inclusion | 2017
Pushcart Prize | Nomination via Cleaver | 2017
Pushcart Prize | Nomination via Rabid Oak | 2017
Pushcart Prize | Nomination via independent reader | 2017
2017 Laux/Miller Poetry Prize | Raleigh Review | Finalist | 2017
Scholastic Arts & Writing Award | Recognition as Educator | 2017
Pushcart Prize | Nomination via Thrush | 2017

Best New Poets | Nomination via Sundog Lit | 2017
Sycamore & Ivy Poetry Contest | Fourth & Sycamore | Finalist | 2016
Pushcart Prize | Nomination via Sundog Lit | 2016
Driftless Poetry Contest | Devil’s Lake | Finalist | 2016
Best of the Net | Nomination via Boiler Journal | 2016
Best New Poets | Nomination via Boiler Journal | 2016
NC State Poetry Competition | Finalist| 2016
James Wright Poetry Award | Mid-American Review | Semi-Finalist | 2016
Poetry Prize | Tinderbox | Semi-Finalist | 2015


Ralph W. Brauer Fellowship | University of North Carolina Wilmington | 2015
Poetry Prize | Indiana Review | First Runner-Up | 2014
Best New Poets | Nomination via Raleigh Review | 2014
Kert Green Fellowship | University of North Carolina | 2013-2014
AWP Intro Journals Award | Nomination via UNCW | 2013
Grover Zinn Prize in Religious Studies | Oberlin College | 2013
Poets’ Scholarship | Oberlin College | 2013
Emma Howell Memorial Poetry Prize | Oberlin College | 2012
Bonner Scholars’ Service & Learning Scholarship | Oberlin College | 2009-2013

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These brilliant devotional poems are incantations, spells, and prayers made manifest...They are fierce, political, intimate, playful, and heartbreakingly honest poems. Who stands as witness inside the house of new love? “Sometimes I foolishly still think we are the only ones,” she writes. And in this way, she has written a book for everyone.
— Sarah Messer, author of Dress Made of Mice
I’ll Build Us a Home is a curio cabinet of what’s been collected / what remains uncertain & just beyond reach, reminding us “how nerves help us navigate/the world” & that “all myths/begin with dirt.
— Emily O’Neill, author of You Can’t Pick Your Genre
Emily’s debut chapbook  I’ll Build Us a Home  was released from Finishing Line Press in 2018.  Click here to order a copy.

Emily’s debut chapbook I’ll Build Us a Home was released from
Finishing Line Press in 2018. Click here to order a copy.

What tender spaces resist definition? How do we interpret the unknown’s ability to shift in and out of language? And what are we afraid or reluctant to compromise? In Wilson’s poems, if “the mouth [is] as empty as a house,” what lived there once? What frogs continue to feel unheard in those dark swamps of the mind?
— Roy G. Guzmán, author of Restored Mural for Orlando
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”Three Poems”
Awakward Mermaid

What I’ll Tell My Great-Great-Granddaughters”
The Baltimore Review

Cosmonauts Avenue

“Love Poem for a Dry Spell”
Glass Poetry

 “Hypochondria, Least Powerful of the Greek Gods, and Her Estranged Half-Brother Sisyphus”

Glass Poetry

“A treatise of Hypochondria (ii)”

Show Your Skin

“A treatise of Hypochondria (i)”


“Everyone's Mother is Dying,” “Poet as Doctor (ii),” and “Urbach-Wiethe”

Longleaf Review

“Mademoiselle X”

Noble/Gas Quarterly

"Hypochondria, Least Powerful of the Greek Gods (i)"

Nightjar Review

"Tuesdays Cut Through Me"

Cotton Xenomorph

"Mightcould" & "Hypochondria Reads Her Tarot"

A Velvet Giant

"Hypochondria (iii)" & "Hypochondria and the Solar Eclipse"

The Cortland Review

"A Doctor Tires of Her Patient"

The Boiler Journal, Forthcoming

"What I'll Tell My Great-Great-Granddaughters"

The Baltimore Review, Forthcoming

"A Warning" & "My Therapist"

semicolon, Forthcoming


“Hypochondria, Least Powerful of the Greek Gods” (ii) & (iv) 
Cotton Xenomorph

“Grazioso for Sleeping Alone”
Half Mystic | Issue 4

Two Poems
Bad Pony | Issue 2

Two Poems

"Drunken Lines for a Wedding
Boston Accent Lit | Issue 9

“Etymology of a Body”
Glass Poetry

“Reasons to Return Home”
The Raleigh Review | Vol. 7, No. 2

Three Poems, including “Poet as Doctor”
Rabid Oak | Issue 1

“The Tower”
Crab Fat Magazine

“New Year’s Eve on Market Street”
Underblong | Issue 1

“Friendship in Trump’s America”
Tinderbox Poetry | Vol. 4, Issue 3

“On the Afternoon…”
Rise Up Review

Cleaver Magazine | Issue 17

“Reasons to Learn Another Language”
Puerto del Sol | Vol. 52.1

“We Fight About Having Children”
Fourth & Sycamore



Three Poems, including “Love Spell for the Swamp”
Blue Monday Review | Vol. 3, No. 3

“Love Spell for the Desert”
Voicemail Poems

Three Poems, including “Burning the Witches”
Sundog Lit | Issue 11


Two Poems
Grimoire | Issue 1

Two Poems
Red Paint Hill

“I’ll Build Us a Home” (i), (ii), (iii)

Redivider | 13.2

Two Poems
Boiler Journal

“My Great-Grandmother’s Ghost […]”
The Raleigh Review | Vol. 6, Issue 1

Two Poems
Vinyl Poetry

“Registry Room” 
Hayden’s Ferry Review

Three Poems, including “The Ghost and the Thief Share Breakfast”
Horse Less Review

Adroit Journal | Issue 14

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For bookings or interviews, contact Emily at epw7427@gmail.com. You can also follow her on Twitter: @Emmy_Golightly

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