Cosmonauts Avenue

“Love Poem for a Dry Spell”
Glass Poetry

Three Poems, including "Poseidon Has a Fling with a Sea Witch"

Moonchild Magazine, Forthcoming


“Hypochondria, Least Powerful of the Greek Gods”(ii) & (iv)
Cotton Xenomorph

“Grazioso for Sleeping Alone”
Half Mystic | Issue 4

Two Poems
Bad Pony | Issue 2

Two Poems

"Drunken Lines for a Wedding"
Boston Accent Lit | Issue 9

“Etymology of a Body”
Glass Poetry

“Reasons to Return Home”
The Raleigh Review | Vol. 7, No. 2

Three Poems, including “Poet as Doctor”
Rabid Oak | Issue 1

“The Tower”
Crab Fat Magazine

“New Year’s Eve on Market Street”
Underblong | Issue 1

“Friendship in Trump’s America”
Tinderbox Poetry | Vol. 4, Issue 3|

“On the Afternoon…”
Rise Up Review

Cleaver Magazine | Issue 17

“Reasons to Learn Another Language”
Puerto del Sol | Vol. 52.1

“We Fight About Having Children”
Fourth & Sycamore



Three Poems, including “Love Spell for the Swamp”
Blue Monday Review | Vol. 3, No. 3

“Love Spell for the Desert”
Voicemail Poems

Three Poems, including “Burning the Witches”
Sundog Lit | Issue 11


Two Poems
Grimoire | Issue 1

Two Poems
Red Paint Hill

“I’ll Build Us a Home” (i), (ii), (iii)

Redivider | 13.2

Two Poems
Boiler Journal

“My Great-Grandmother’s Ghost […]”
The Raleigh Review | Vol. 6, Issue 1

Two Poems
Vinyl Poetry

“Registry Room” 
Hayden’s Ferry Review

Three Poems, including “The Ghost and the Thief Share Breakfast”
Horse Less Review

Adroit Journal | Issue 14